Reiki is an energy healing technique (Japanese) that is recommended as a complementary therapy (alternative medicine) for illnesses, diseases, physical conditions or emotional, mental-psychological conditions. Reiki was developed formally by the Japanese Mikao Usui Sensei (Usui Reiki Ryoho) in 1922 and was taken to the west in 1933 by Japanese-American Hawayo Takata who healed in Japan from a lung condition, asthma and nervous breakdown (emotional stress) because of recent death of her husband. Reiki has been recognized by WHO (World Health Organization) as an alternative therapy. 


Reiki is a non-invasive technique which is performed only by placing the hands floating on top of the patient’s body, the therapist places the hands only on a few places, some of which can be the feet, the upper back, shoulders and knees. Reiki works on the energy of your body (called ¨Chi¨ in Chinese medicine or ¨Prana¨ in Indian medicine) removing energy blockages in the main centers of energy Chakras, sub chakras as well as the affected area. The Reiki therapist has the ability of unblocking and transmiting healing energy through the hands. It is possible to send healing energy (also called Distance Reiki, Long Distance Reiki Healing or Distance Energy Healing) to people who are in other places, cities, countries; however, this therapy of healing energy always has to be authorized by the patient (agrees to be treated with this energetic alternative medicine or holistic treatment), otherwise the healing energy just won’t get to the patient and it will not work. Several years from now (more than 10 years) Reiki has been used to treat patients in many countries. In Spain and in the Unites States of America they use Reiki therapists in hospitals to help patients heal faster, even for cancer patients. Reiki is offered as an additional treatment besides the conventional treatment and physiotherapy.

In Reiki it is said that the sicknesses or conditions are due to energy blockages in the body (chakras and sub chakras) and Reiki therapy helps to release them by balancing the energy systems and promoting healing in general, it is considered a holistic treatment since it will go to the cause of the problem rather than solving only the symptoms. Reiki healing returns the body to its natural state.


Reiki is safe to use even if you have special medical conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes or heart conditions, organ issues, anxiety, chronic fatigue, asthma, insomnia, migraine, arthritis, sciatica, cancer, chronic pain, digestive problems, depression, psychological distress, ... just to name a few, it can help treat any type of disease, illness or condition.

The benefits of Reiki are several, some are:

- Reduce anxiety

- Relaxes and reduces tension from your body

- Help with depression

- Reduce pain

- Heal faster from accidents and surgeries

- Boost your immune system

- Reduce swelling and pain

- Reduce heartbeat

- Better sleep

- Cleanses body toxins

- Balance your energy system

- Balances body, mind and spirit (balances all your systems)

- Increase level of vibration and level of consciousness

Reiki is a perfect complement to conventional medicine for any type of illness or condition and helps patients relax on the levels of the mind and physical body.


It is safe to receive Reiki treatments even if you are undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy or drug treatment, decreases pain and it even helps to relief the sickness (nausea) after taking the chemotherapy. Pregnant women can have Reiki treatments as well, it even helps them during several pregnancy phases. Reiki is for everyone even animals and plants can receive Reiki treatments including Distance Reiki.

Distance Reiki or Remote Energy Healing is as effective as physical Reiki, this is done with previous authorization of the patient and it can be synchronized (live meeting) between the therapist and the person who will receive it; however, most of the times the healing energy is programmed since it is more practical for both. With practice and training, I have created an effective special combination for Distance Reiki, using both techniques: the traditional one (Usui) and a new advanced technique called Arcturian-Pleyadian Reiki. Also, I am able to focus the energy on specific parts of the body if needed.

There are more than 20 different types of variations of Reiki. All of them had the same origin which is Usui Reiki. There are several different types of branches of Reiki. I will mention some of them: Karuna, Jikiden, Kundalini, Lightarian, Rainbow, Seichim, Angelical, Tibetan, Imara, Golden Age, Shamballa, Holy Fire. I decided to complement the original Reiki (Usui) with Arcturian Reiki which is one of the highest vibrational ones nowadays.

Every day, more and more, we see new alternative healing techniques that focus on the mind and subconscious mind. Having a calm mind and being relaxed help relief illnesses. Meditation helps a lot to calm the mind and body. Particularly with my Reiki healings, I always recommend some meditations, which help the healing process. It is said that spirituality helps the healing process, more and more alternative medicine techniques focused on spirituality have proven to be effective in healing, this may be because it focuses on your subconscious mind and energy fields in your body. Many physical pains or conditions can be healed by just dealing with the emotions, everything inside the body is connected: brain with organs, organs with each other, the heart being the main orchestrator, energetically, some say the digestive system is the second brain... More scientific studies need to be made regarding alternative medicine techniques, even more so for Reiki because there are thousands of positive testimonials of Reiki therapies in several types of illnesses. There have been some scientific studies, but they are not completely focused on the essence of energy and how it works specifically talking about Reiki. Many of the studies only mention the placebo effect and advantages of somebody taking care of the patient’s body more carefully and its positive effect, but they lack a serious study and focus of Reiki energy functionality. Perhaps, advanced quantum physics, energy fields of the body (biofield), subconscious mind, and even more profound studies should be done if we talk about Distance Reiki, where the therapist is not even present with the person that receives the healing. Even the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) recognizes that more studies have to be done regarding the body biofield.

Talking about spirituality, it is said that illnesses come to our life to learn something from them, like a lesson for the expression ¨Something good always seems to come from something bad¨... therefore it is a process that we should live, something must come to our lives regarding this illness-healing that should make us evolve as a person and in the end evolve as humanity in some way. This may be why we come to earth for one purpose. This is a spiritual point of view; however, spirituality helps to relax, calm your mind, subconscious mind. I have experienced that this healing energy (Reiki) works even better when patients perform auto healing techniques. Since its origins, Reiki was practiced and considered as a spiritual practice and many spiritual practices tend to help heal physically and emotionally. Some spiritual practices might impact you positively like clearing path from obstacles in your life, how people perceive you in general (vibration-consciousness level) feel mentally-emotionally and physically better, or even clearing your destiny while removing karma.

Stress has been more than proven that it causes physical changes in your body, negative emotions and continuous emotional distress or emotional trauma cause changes in your mind, in the chemistry of the body and outbreaks illnesses. There are many reasons the energy field of your body starts creating this energy blockage, stress is one of them, emotional distress, constant negative atmosphere at work or home, continuous emotional or psychological distress, constant negative feelings like fear, anger, frustration, shame, guilt...etc. are examples of low levels of vibration (low level of consciousness). Therefore, you should find techniques to release your body from these and avoid energy blockages hence preventing illnesses on the long term. Reiki is a perfect way to help you release blockages and help to increase your vibration levels in your body.

For people wanting to get their healings to next level or said in another way, start their soul ascension (deeper and more complete energetic field cleansings and heal your soul), live in full high vibration all the time, decrease completely the blockages of the main 7 chakras to 0%, clean all your energetic fields: astral, etheric and auric, increase level of counsciousness to 5D and 12D, increase the level of consciousness (Hawkins scale) to levels of the Master ascended like Christ, Buda etc. (enlightment level) and further on please visit the shop area.


This energy healing treatment is not intended to replace your doctor's treatment or conventional medicine, but rather should be used as a complementary treatment.


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